Coach Ryan started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Waukesha (now Redemption Fitness) in Feb 2017 and started coaching in January 2018. What Coach Ryan loves about CrossFit is the methodology behind it.  Coach Ryan says, “Sure everyone wants to look better and get stronger and from CrossFit, you will get that but CrossFit at its core is about making Your Life better.  This is accomplished by making you move better, stronger, and relieving stress.  The time at the gym is some of the best hours of the day for me and I try to make it that for our Fitness family as well.” What he loves about Redemption Fitness is my Fitness Family Friends that we have in our community.  People that come from all backgrounds and beliefs united in a common goal of working to be better versions of themselves. He will tell you that our members are good people that help him out as much, if not more, than how he is able to help them and he feels honored to be part of their journey. Coach Ryan loves any Hero Workout because it is a small way that he can pay his respect to someone that paid the ultimate sacrifice for him and his family to ensure it was not done in vain and their names are not forgotten. It is also a great reminder to refocus on all the blessings that God has blessed him with to ensure that he does not lose focus on that fact in day to day life.