Coach Guy started doing CrossFit in 2008.  He was introduced to CrossFit while reading about it while he was looking for a methodology and programming that did not just focus on “show muscles” but instead focused on trying to prepare for the chance to experience the world around him. As the goal of CrossFit was to “Train for the Unknown” by using movements that did not specifically focus on one body part, he knew it was something that would help improve his Jiu-Jitsu as well as hopefully prepare him for going into the military. Coach Guy got his CF-L1 in 2019. He had recently started at Redemption Fitness, CrossFit Waukesha at the time, and knew he had found a great community and supportive leadership that would be the perfect place to learn more as a coach and athlete. He enjoys working gymnastics movements despite starting again from scratch after a shoulder injury, but the snatch and other Olympic lifts are still my favorites as they sheer power it takes to move that much weight that quickly shows the pinnacle of human performance.