Coach Matt has always enjoyed sporting endeavors.  That turned into a passion for fitness before CrossFit had gained momentum. I just did some cardio and beach muscles. Eventually working out became a chore without much variety. His first CrossFit workout was in 2011 and he was really impressed.  Fitness became interesting again and the CrossFit methodology had him wanting more.  He joined a community in 2013 and was amazed at the levels of strength and fitness he had gained in a short amount of time. He felt better and was a happier person in life. It was something he needed at the time and it truly changed the trajectory of his life and it brought many positives to him and his family.  He was so amazed at the community, and what it could do for people that he became a coach at CrossFit Waukesha (now Redemption Fitness) in 2015.  He feels truly blessed to be a coach and part of the community at Redemption Fitness. I have gained life-long friends, thousands of smiles, and added longevity to an active lifestyle.  Matt feels that coaching at Redemption Fitness is a highlight of his life. He loves that we have such an inclusive membership, and each class has its own dynamic personality.  He enjoys sharing the methodology and ways to do it through movement mechanics, mobility, strategy, consistency, and mental approach.  He loves witnessing members’ determination to be better, their focus in the purpose, and the relationships between everyone. It really is a great big family.  Coach Matt’s favorite CrossFit workout is