Coach Katie started CrossFit in February 2016 using a Groupon.  At the time she was always looking for new ways to get fit, finding that she would get bored easily.  When she attended her first CrossFit class, she was hooked!  She realized right then that she would never be bored again… PLUS, BARBELL!! She loved it so much that she received her CF-L1 in October of 2017.  If you ask Coach Katie why she loves Crossfit, she would say, “Because I love pizza!  Half kidding…I love Crossfit for many reasons.  Mostly because our community is incredibly inclusive, supportive and fun.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey, all you have to do is be committed to yourself, your health, be positive, and put your ego aside… and walk through our doors!  You will be supported.  If it’s a good day, or a bad day… we’ve got you!” What she loves most about coaching is the opportunity to help people realize their strength, mentally and physically.  She loves to watch their evolution.  To see the pride on their faces when they’ve done something they never thought possible… when they PR a lift… when they beat their last benchmark workout.  Whatever it may be, it’s magical and so worthwhile to her.  The icing on the cake is the amount of support and positivity she gets back from not only the community, but Maggie and her fellow coaches.  She is so incredibly thankful for the amazing community!!  Coach Katie’s top 3 favorite workouts are DT, Annie, Fight Gone Bad, Anything with Double Unders!!