CF-L1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Bodyguard

Coach Donny started CrossFitting in 2007 when we did a metcon in his Strength and Conditioning class. It was the first athletic event at which he ever felt truly competitive at a high level. He immediately asked the teacher what they just did and how he could do more. He pointed Donny to He went to the Rogue factory in 2011 to get his L1 certification and started a non-profit affiliate at UW-Madison. He started coaching at Redemption Fitness after college in the spring of 2014. Coach Donny loves CrossFit because it pushes you to be great at everything, is the best bang for your buck from a fitness standpoint, and surrounds you with other amazing, like-minded people. If you were to ask Coach Donny why he loves coach at Redemption Fitness, he would say, “The community. We have the most welcoming and caring community I’ve seen and most of my friends come from people I’ve met at the gym.” Donny will always tell you that his favorite movements are lunges, box jumps, double-unders, or dumbbell anything.