Coach Brandon started CrossFit in 2010. He wanted to give it a try at the time to continue his weight loss journey. But what really made him stick with it was the variety of exercises and movement and the community built around CrossFit. Brandon became a coach in 2013 because he loves helping people improve and he has always had a love for teaching/coaching. He loves CrossFit because of the simplicity of coming in, doing the work assigned to you to the best of your ability and the amazing the results you’ll see. What keeps him, and most people, coming back to CrossFit for years is the community it builds. Being surrounded by like-minded people, pushing themselves physically and mentally day after day builds a bond that’s hard to describe to anyone outside of CrossFit. The thing he loves the most about coaching is the community. All the different skill and ability levels coming together no matter what the workout for the day is and giving it their all. If you ask Coach Brandon what his favorite CrossFit WOD is, he would say, “DT! Love me some heavy barbell!”